Location sharing is an increasingly popular feature across a myriad of social media platforms, and GROWLr is no exception. By tapping the "Checkins" icon from the home screen, you can share with everyone on the app where you are at any given moment utilizing iPhone's GPS location function.

How to Checkin on GROWLr
Follow these easy steps to share where you are with all the bears, cubs and other friends you've made (and yet to make!) on the app:

    • Click the "Checkins" icon from the navigation screen.
    • Select a venue as it appears, or type the name of your location into the search field to locate the appropriate location on your iPhone.
    • Click the orange "Check In" button to complete your checkin.

      Your location will now appear under the "Checkins" tab on your profile, and is visible to all GROWLr users.

      Checkins will remain on your profile for 24 hours, or until you check in at another location.