The GROWLr SHOUT! feature allows users to broadcast mass messages regarding any subject to users within a 5, 10 and 20-mile radius based on your iPhone GPS location for a fee.

Rates start at $4.99, and allow you to send a message to every single user within that area who have not blocked Shout! messages.

How to Send a GROWLr SHOUT!
Follow these directions to send your own mass messages:

  1. Click the "SHOUT!" icon from the main menu screen in GROWLr.
  2. Click the "City" field to choose your own location or a different city.
  3. Select the appropriate radius and price point.
  4. Enter your message by clicking in the text field below.
  5. Once complete, send your message as prompted.

SHOUT! messages are delivered directly to a user's inbox just as regular instant messages are delivered, and your identity is visible to the recipient.

Messages are billed through your iTunes account. You may be required to enter credit card information for this purchase, if you have not connected a credit, debit card or other funding source to your iTunes account.

This feature is a great way to market your business, get fast exposure for your new profile, or send a message to as many people as possible.